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GRP Lab launched GRP School on January 15 and 16, 2015. Participants in the first module of the GRP School were from :

• Incuba’School : the incubator of the CCI Paris Ile-de-France campus. It has supported more than 500 entrepreneurs and created more than 300 companies since its creation in 2005; see the website, here:

Cap Sciences : this association belongs to the CCSTI (Centre de Culture Scientifique Technique & Industrielle) network. Since 1995, its generic mission has been to make scientific culture accessible to the greatest number of people (each year, Cap Sciences reaches nearly 500,000 people through exhibitions and travelling events).

• Conseil Régional Aquitaine : particularly interested and active in the field of innovation, the Aquitaine Regional Council is a partner of the local PEPITE (Entrepreneurship Campus Aquitaine) and provides support to technopoles, incubators and other entrepreneurship support actors.

The program of module 1 :

If you are interested in following the next edition, please contact us using the contact form.