Designed to help the conception (design) or reformulation (redesign) of a business, the GRP model is addressed to entrepreneurs (creation, takeover, development…) and their advisers (consultants, financiers, accountants, territorial development actors…).
The tools are also used by teachers and their students as part of entrepreneurship training.

What you have to understand with the GRP Business Model is that a project must generate (G) value, otherwise nobody wants it, that you have to be paid (R) for it, otherwise the business will not be sustainable and that you have to share (P) its success with your partners.

Without a partner, no resource; without a resource, no project.

The project

GRP Lab was born as a result of research conducted by the Entrepreneurship team of the Institut de recherche en gestion des organisations (IRGO). GRP Lab takes its name from the GRP model, designed by Professor Thierry Verstraete and Estèle Jouison during their work on the theorization of the Business Model. The GRP Business Model was proposed in 2009 in a book published by de Boeck (translated and published in English by Edward Elgar in 2011) and published in an academic journal in 2011. But its premises are older.
The authors of the BM GRP define the business model as follows:

“The Business Model is a convention relating to Value Generation, Value Remuneration and Value Sharing.”
(Verstraete, Jouison, 2009, 2011).

Verstraete T. Jouison-Laffitte, Business Model pour Entreprendre, de Boeck, 2009
Verstraete T. ; Jouison-Laffitte E. ; « A conventionalist theory of the Business Model in the context of business creation for understanding organizational impetus”, Management International, Volume 15 n°2, Hiver 2011
Verstraete T. Jouison E., Business Model for Entrepreneurship, Edward Elgar, 2011

The research conducted by the team confirmed the relevance of the BM GRP and the results have been valorised within the framework of a Societal Innovation Centre of the Initiative of Excellence of the University of Bordeaux.

Download, below (click on the images), the presentation brochure of GRP Lab as well as a text, published in RIPME, telling the story of GRP Lab.

The GRP Storyteller application

Because writing helps to think, because you have to tell your project well to convince partners to join it, GRP Lab offers an application that helps the company creator, followed by his advisor, to formalize his Business Model. GRP Storyteller allows you to tell the story of your project in 9 sentences (Poster mode), 9 paragraphs (Storyboard mode) and 9 pages (Script mode). The application is collaborative and accessible online for free. To access it, click here, for a presentation, see the video below.


The Entrepreneurship Chair

Access to the platform and its tools is free. To help ensure its sustainability, please support the project with your donations to the Entrepreneurship Chair of the Bordeaux University Foundation. The video below presents the Chair. Download the brochure of the Entrepreneurship Chair here.