Example of an Entrepreneurship Awareness Seminar with the GRP Model

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Student Entrepreneurship Awareness Seminar
24-hour formula with workshops + pitch

GRP Lab has designed different types of entrepreneurship awareness seminars using the GRP Business Model (for students entering higher education, or at the level of Bachelor 3, Master, Doctorate, … whatever their field of study). Some of them have been deployed by ECA (Entrepreneurship Campus Aquitaine, Student Entrepreneurship Cluster created in 2010, which will become PEPITE in 2014).

Since 2008, 10,000 students, mainly on the Bordeaux campus, have been made aware of entrepreneurship with the modules offered by GRP Team. Students design and present a business model to a jury. Most often, the seminars consist of 5 half-days (the seminar designed for PhD students lasts a full week, from Monday to the following Monday). Ideally, the first 4 are held in succession. On this point, we sometimes had to deal with the schedules of the training courses receiving the seminar. The fifth half-day takes place about a month later, in order to give the learners time to design a convincing business model (including going out into the field to meet potential stakeholders). In the context of awareness-raising, the project is fictitious. In all cases, it is a game, where the evaluator takes on a role (usually a financier) and the students are entrepreneurs.

Here is an example of an awareness seminar where the first 4 sessions must be held on two consecutive days. This seminar provides for work in workshops for which the mobilization of several supervisors (at least two) is useful, especially when the number of staff is large.