Business Model : Put it in writing to design it righ

GRP Publishing

The business model is considered here as a representation shared by the partners in a project led by an entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial team. This representation concerns the Generation of value, Remuneration of value and value Partnership (GRP BM). It is very important for the BM to
be coherent in order to be convincing. There are at least two reasons for which entrepreneurs benefit from being able to “tell” the Business Model
they are leading both verbally through the “pitch” and in writing. The first is that some actors who might provide necessary or useful resources for the project will require a document (although this may not necessarily be a
Business Plan). The second reason lies in the fact that writing and reading helps anticipate or identify things that might otherwise be forgotten. It creates a sort of reflection between the project being described (verbally
or in writing) and the entrepreneur. The GRP Storyteller program has been designed to encourage the entrepreneur to tell the story of their Business Model with the help of their advisor. This document contains, for the most part, the content of the program to allow users to have both digital and paper access. For each dimension of the BM (G,R and P) and each component (leader, value proposition, value manufacture, sources of revenue, volume of revenue, performances, stakeholders, conventions, ecosystem), this book reviews the content and asks relevant questions for which the answers will help build the Business Model. The GRP Team has made every effort to draft content that is accessible and can be distributed.

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