Gérard Néraudau is a graduate of HEC. After spending 20 years in Paris as a technical advisor on organization and IT, and then as logistics director of a multinational in the food industry, he arrived in Bordeaux to start businesses in the wine sector.

He has taken part in the creation and management of ambitious wine-making projects in Hungary (Tokaj), in Argentina (Mendoza) and in Bordeaux (Saint Emilion, Saint Estèphe). He has developed an international wine brokerage and he directs an SSII specialised in software for the wine trade.

Today he runs an independent advisory firm on the creation and management of small businesses. Since 2011, Gérard Néraudau has been a member of the IRGO research team in Entrepreneurship, to which he brings his experience as an entrepreneur, notably in the wine and vine-growing sector.