GRP Storyteller

Because the Business Model is a shared representation of a business, putting it in writing helps you think it through! GRP Storyteller helps entrepreneurs tell the story of their Business to be convincing. A free and secure tool aimed at project leaders and their advisors.

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The Business Model is a shared representation of the Generation of value, the Remuneration of value and the value Partnership.

One never succeeds alone in business but thanks to one’s partners who share our way of seeing the business

If what one generates is worth nothing then nobody will want it

One must get something out of it because the business won’t last without give-and-take

To share our success with our partners by optimizing our relations with them


GRP Stories

GRP LAB shows and tells its Business Models

GRP Stories

Case studies

Entrepreneurs who have let us in!

Access detailed case studies of Business Models

Witness accounts

Entrepreneurs speak about their business!

Here, videos or transcripts of interviews with entrepreneurs about their Business Models.


Users of GRP share their contributions!

Other examples illustrated through GRP.

GRP Teaching

An educational toolset for teachers and advisors

GRP Teaching

Educational resources

Draw on our supports to prepare your presentations!

Ready-to-go programs for trainers (teachers, consultants, guides)

The GRP model

To help you on your way

A page to discover the nature, the constituent parts and the functions of the GRP model


Organize your training sessions

Coming soon, a tool for managing your training and awareness sessions

GRP Publishing

Books and articles on the Business Model for free download!
(Available in 2016)

GRP Publishing

Publishing house

Books on the Business Model!

These books are academic, educational and/or practical by nature. They are in PDF format and can be downloaded free.


Communications or articles on the Business Model!

GRP Lab delivers communications presented during scientific congresses or articles published in academic journals.


GRP Research

The Research
(Available soon)

GRP Research


A focus on 4 fields of research

Accompaniment, pedagogy, social entrepreneurship, wine sector.


Case study and action-research

An expertise brought by a research activity involving entrepreneurs.


Access communications and articles

GRP Lab is composed of a team of researchers participating in the scientific conversation on entrepreneurship and Business Model.

GRP Team

Get to know the team behind GRP Lab

GRP Team

Team members

Researchers produce knowledge about the Business Model!

The GRP Lab researchers work in the entrepreneurship field and principally deliver research-actions and case studies.

Research axes

Four approaches to understanding the use of the Business Model

Teaching entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, technological entrepreneurship, Business Models of the wine industry.

GRP Blog

Access posts written by the GRP Team and follow the Lab’s news

GRP Blog

The complete season 1 of the GRP Lab web-series is online

Season 1 of the GRP Lab web-series is now complete (here). It includes 12 episodes for the use of entrepreneurs and their advisors. It is designed to be one of the tools offered by GRP Lab for advisors to guide entrepreneurs in the design or redesign of their Business Model. Teachers may also use it […]

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Video : the ecosystem according to GRP Lab

Here is the 12th and last episode of the first season of our web-series, produced to explain the GRP Model. This last chapter deals with the « ecosystem ». To watch the full season, just click on the educational videos category of GRP Teaching.

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Video : conventions in the GRP Business Model

Discover the 11th episode of our educational web-series. This new video deals with the « conventions » int the GRP Business Model. To watch the full series, please refer to the videos category of GRP Teaching.

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GRP School

A university school for training in the GRP Business Model,
launched on January 14th, 2015

GRP School

Training sessions

Short courses validated by a certificate!

The training is led by members of GRP Lab. The tutors provide training on the nature, the constituent parts and the different functions of the BM.

University Degree

Under-graduate courses!

2015, opening of the University Degree program of GRP Lab, aimed at consultants, guides, project leaders, entrepreneurs…

Raoul Youbi - GRP

“Using the GRP model helped me clarify and build my project”

Raoul Youbi

Creator of


“We decided to test the GRP module knowing it would enrich the discussions we have with our project leaders about their Business models”

Marie Catoire

Head of mission at the Bordeaux Unitec business incubator

Rihane Mouhib

“GRP puts the accent on the crucial aspect of business: the win-win relationships with partners.”

Rihane Mouhib

Creator of Ginga Foot

Pr. Jean-Pierre Boissin

“The Ministry (MENESR) recommends the GRP Lab as a digital resource center (Student-Entrepreneur Convention)”

Pr. Jean-Pierre Boissin

Coordinator at Plan Etudiants Pour l’Innovation, le Transfert et l’Entrepreneuriat (PEPITE)

Marina Désiré

“My GRP training has allowed me to design a relevant Business Model in the Social and Solidarity Economy sector”

Marina Désiré

Co-founder of Mobalib